BALANCE is the key in your walk with the Lord, you must discern TRUTH and EVIL. You can not be in balance always seeing EVIL, because TRUTH always trumps over it and TRUTH will always set free. In order for a person to be free, you first discern the bondage and then speak the truth. In years of a deliverance ministry, people are set free by the power and blood of Christ Jesus, His ultimate weapon casting out demons is LOVE He has for that person. If you do not love people that are in bondage and desire to see them free, please do not interfere with the deliverance process, bondage cannot cast out bondage and loveless cannot love. Search out the deep, agape love of Jesus and experience His Kingdom here.


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Because Rachel’s bitterness and unforgivness towards Leah, it caused her to be barren in mind, spirit and the womb. Rachel had to suffer while Leah bared fruit producing seven children, seven representing spiriutal completeness.  Before Rachel was able to produce one piece of fruit (Joseph), which was her heart desire. Why must we let or feelings or emotions take root toward another and suffer while they are producing? While you sit around being bitter concerning everyone’s blooming season, your missing imperative moments of preperation. 

There has been times, I said “God, I don’t understand why everyone else is having  production in their moment and I’m stuck in all this shifting, closed doors and silence” He gently responded, for your production, takes much preperation and this season will pass. So, don’t get caught up in Rachels bitterness to miss the preperation it takes to produced a Joseph. 
Every child of God that is able to grasp the importance of their assignment and seek diligently to prepare, will produce a harvest. The harvest assignment to your life, might not be the masses, but even Jesus left the ninety nine for the one. If you spend your entire ministry to produce one Joseph, you engaged in a mothering or fathering season, that governed a whole nation. God will not allow you to govern Eygypt if you have not suffered the test, but He will allow you to mother or father in the palace to raise a great leader. Stay focused on your assignment and don’t be bitter of someone producing fruit.


The days we live in, evil comes in many forms. The sheep look harmless, so sweet and gentle but on the inside, the wolf is raging to be let loose. As the Lord began leading to be silent, watchful and listen to hearts of men. I began to read and study social media and how an ultimate war was happening in front of me. I saw post casting suspicion on the body of Christ and basically leading God’speople astray from the word of truth. After several days of returning to read a continuing thought process of ministers, I began to realized, God’s people are being bewitched. 

The Lord then lead me to seek out scripture concerning Simon the sorcerer and the spirit that operated within him. In Acts chapter eight the word of God begans to break down the emotions of Simon and how he physically and spiritually wanted to be God. The is nothing new within the spiritual discernment of many belivers because satan tried the same tactic with God himself. 

In acts 8:9 the scripture tells us about a certain man called Simon, which before-time in the same city used sorcery and bewitched the people of Samaria, giving out that himself was some great one. I want us to examine Simon’s history before moving into his heart. Acient ecclesiastical writers say that Simon claimed he was the Father who gave the law to Moses; that he came in the reign of Tiberias in the person as the Son; and he descended upon the disciples at Pentecost in flames of fire; that he was the Messiah, the Paraclete, and Jupiter; and that the woman who accompied him called Helena was Minerva, or the first intelligence. 

Simon was ultimately convience he was far more spiritual than anyone else and everyone needs to focus upon him. I have seen this same spirit fill platforms, churches and media streams. Simon dwelled among Paphos, the capital of Cyprus the temple of Venus, the “Queen of Paphos.” He was known as a Jew and false prophet Barjesus, the son of one named Jesus or Joshua who claimed a divine call; a fortune teller. Who had much favor with the deputy of the country, Sergius Paulus, a prudent man who called upon Barnabas and Saul desiring to hear the word of God. Simon ran with high authority & those in high positions. 

Simon used his influence rather of darkness to bewitch the people claiming he was some great one, influencing the people to look at him that he is the great power of God. He wanted to be looked upon as powerful, anointed and the power of God came from him.  

Simon had followers bewitched by his power and influence. Sorcery comes from the acient magical arts (Luke 12:29) it means to be of a doubtful mind, in the Greek means, meteorize: to raise in mid-air, suspend, fluctuate, be anxious, or be carried about as meteors moved about with the current, tossed up and down between hope & fear. 

People that are bewitched follow man and do not seek God out for themselves. I am not saying we should not have leaders or mentors, what I am saying are those that seek power from God and will looked to anyone to get it. This is exactly what Simon attempted to accomplish. 

You will see this socery working in all kinds of religious churches. They are full of hype, with no true worship, wanting people to look how holy they are. They are without the whole word of God and come to get thier bewitching on special services. They lay untrained, fat in doctrine, and paying the offering dues. Meanwhile having no clue how to spread the gospel, feed the poor or step into the calling of God, they are bewitched. 

The scriptures teach us of how this sorcery is broken in Acts 8:12, when Phillip came preaching the kingdom of God and Jesus Christ, the entire gospel. Philip actually broke off the bewitched darkness off the people. Its because when Philip preached the kingdom and the name of Jesus Christ, they believed and the veils of sorcery were broken. 

Not only did the people repent but Simon also believed and was baptized, and continued with Philip and wondered, beholding the miracles and signs which were done. (Acts 8:13) We need to examine “wondered” in this set of scripture that gives us insight of the heart of Simon. Wondered in Strongs means existemi, meaning to be astonished, bewitched or wonder. To throw out of position, displace, to be out of ones mind, beside oneself or insane. Even though Simon believed, he still had a heart issue regarding power. He wanted to obtain or have power over something that was not his. We can be filled with the power of the Holy Ghost but the power belongs to the Father. We are not to display the power of God as we are God, but are to bring God’s glory to his name. 

Acts 8:14-23 proceeds to teach us that Simon wanted to buy the Holy Ghost, he wanted to purchase the power to bewitch the people to look at him, he had major pride issues. Peter then rebukes Simon and told him your heart is not right in the sight of God, you cannot purchase God with fame, fortune or money. Peter then called his heart issue wickedness and perceived Simon was in gall of bitterness. Acts 20-23

Peter did not indicate Simon was past hope, but he must repent to be free from the wickedness of wanting to buy the Spirit for personal gain.We as the people of God have to keep our souls from being bewithched or being the sorcerer. Being in tuned with the spirit of God to manifest His Glory and nothing of ourselves. 

Simon then asking Peter, please pray to the Lord that these things you have spoken do not come upon me. His heart check was reality at this moment. God’s power belongs to Him and we are only partakers and co-labors of the Kingdom of God, it’s time to use discernment only obeying the Holy spirit and wearing the belt of Truth. 

God’s Measuring Stick

​Sometimes we just dont know how to handle certain actions of others, especially when people get hurt or wounded. In Romans 2, the scripture teaches God’s judgment just because man’s impenitence deserves it. 

Romans teaches that the goodness of God leads to repentance. Most offenses come because God wants us to have a better reaction than the deed that was done unto us. To have the mercy and love extended to the one that hurts us. 

Why should we want anyone to carry around condemnation? Why would we want anyone to perish? Could it be we have forgotten our own injustifications, sins and deeds? Have we honestly rose up to a standard that we expect everyone else to rise up? God’s measuring stick does not measure the same! That’s right, but it does have a sliding scale. When you have been forgiven much, MUCH is reaquired. You had to rise up on God’s measuring stick according to His standards. We all will have to rise to the top of it, so don’t forget all the inches you have climbed. Don’t expect a baby to eat steak, and the steak eater to continue gargling milk. 

God’s measuring is wisdom of knowing what level someone resides and the level they need to arise. In the meantime, love them through, help them make right decisions, be that father or mother spiritually  you need to be, that in your lifetime, someone calls you father.

God’s Voice Chopped Off?

I have been studying in the book of Mathew, Jesus had just testified of the greatness of John the Baptist. Jesus also spoke of denouncing unbelief and taught on personal discipleship. He had explained the secret of rest and healed multitudes, the blind and dumb, but yet he was taunted by the religious crowd.

Jesus pushed through the religious mob and taught on the parables of the sower, the wheat and tares, parables of the mustard seed and the leaven. He astounded  the minds of followers by the mystery of the hidden treasure, pearl of great price and the drag-net in the sea.

Then something happened, tragedy had hit home and the ministry of Jesus. The disciples came to tell Jesus that John the Baptist had just been beheaded by the daughter of Herodias. Herod was mesmerized by her seducing twirls and body movements as she danced before him, but deep within her heart was the horrifying realization of the chopped off head of John the Baptist.

In reading of the dance, in my mind I could see many in the world today, being seduced by lust and things of this world wanting to take the head off of the very shoulders of the church. The devil wanting to shut the mouths of the prophets and muffle the voice of Jesus and God the Father from speaking.

Suddenly my attention was on how Jesus responded to the opposition and tragedy. The bible says Jesus departed from the people by ship and went to a desert place apart. I began to think about this scripture and look at it spiritually; If Jesus was in a desert how could he depart in a ship? I believe spiritually Jesus left a place of thriving ministry and placed in a spiritual dryness  to process what had just happened. After all he was made flesh, so He dealt with all the emotions of man.

I actually believe Jesus was talking to the Father of how He just testified of the greatness of John the Baptist to the people and how John’s task of “Making the way” had been chopped off and put in a charger. Jesus had to clear his thoughts, process what had just taken place and I believe had to pray to the Father concerning his next move.

Then I was astounded of what Jesus did, after much time in the desert place, the bible says “Jesus went forth”  and “SAW” a great multitude” and was moved with compassion” (Mathew 14:14) When Jesus SAW them, He saw hundreds with faces of concern, worry and fear. Jesus had just seen the lives of those that had no hope and whose ears had just been filled with the terror of the very word of John the Baptist being beheaded. During His time with the Father and the time of the massive blow to His ministry, “COMPASSION” moved Him to do some of the greatest miracles ever recorded, He feed the five thousand, and even walked on the water.

What I believe the Holy Spirit is speaking, “Even though tragedy has hit your life and ministry, move forward and SEE the multitudes and have COMPASSION as Jesus did and move toward the crowd and see some of the greatest miracles in your life and ministry. Your greatest days are just ahead and we cannot quit, we must MOVE FORWARD, towards GREATNESS. It took tragedy for Jesus to MOVE FORWARD and He had to SEE with His spiritual and physical eyes and He had to over come His emotions and be moved with Compassion.


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Wheat or Tares

As you can see from this picture, there is a marked difference. The tare on the left is light and lacks substance but the wheat on the right is heavy and bears fruit (grain). There are tiny black seeds inside the tares and if you eat it,  can cause dizziness and nausea. Also notice that the tare stands straight up and proud while the wheat bends from the weight of the fruit in humility. Talk about the perfect physical and spiritual contrast between the wheat and the tare. One gives life, the other kills. Those in Christ have life, and the other death.

Matt. 13:38-30 “The servants asked him, ‘Do you want us to go and pull them up’ ”’No,’ he answered, ‘because while you are pulling the weeds, you may root up the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest.”

This is because they both share the same root. Even if you grabbed the tare, you will also pull up the wheat. And so the farmer is to wait until the harvest to pull them up and separate them and so shall it be for us.

You are either WHEAT or a TARE, you cannot be both. In the church we compromise the gospel and do not want to talk about SIN. Going to church does not make your sin right, but God’s Grace can make us clean.


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Spiritual Momentum

This is a very informative read concerning momentum


Spiritual Momentum

By, Andrew Mack

Key Scripture

II Thessalonians 1:3

“We ought always to give thanks to God for you, brothers, as is right, because your faith is growing abundantly, and the love of every one of you for one another is increasing.  Therefore we ourselves boast about you in churches of God for your steadfastness and faith in all your persecutions and in the afflictions that you are enduring.”

Definition of Momentum

Definition of momentum is a force or speed of movement.

Spiritual Momentum

Momentum is an object moving forward at a fast pace because of the force or the momentum creating speed. This is a popular term used in leadership discussions. Leaders like to use the term momentum to describe the ease of change because the people are highly motivated to move in the direction that the leaders want their people to move in. “When you have no…

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Abundance is Costly

God wants us to live life and live it more abundantly, but there is a process to abundance. A test of perfection and trust worthiness, we are weeded from idolatry and anything that possibly could be put before the Lord.

In Jeremiah 33:6 the scripture teaches us that the Kingdom of God will bring health and a cure also revealing unto us the abundance of peace and truth. Abundance here in the Hebrew means excess, abundance and copiousness.

Copiousness means yielding or containing plenty; affording ample supply: a copious harvest. Large in quantity; abundant: copious rainfall. I sincerely think, prosperity preaching has put a bad taste amoung many today, because the prosperity outlook has blind folded the abundance. Abundance comes in many quantities and comes with a process.

False prosperity will cause you to worship labor, but true abundance let’s you pick the pockets of God. What a beautiful thought, to stick your hand in the pocket of Father God and pull out abundance. Sorta like going to grandma’s house and pulling the lid off the cookie jar knowing there is a sweet blessing to moisten your pallet. Grandma gives you cookies from her heart, because she loves you. God gives abundance from your heart. If the priorities of your heart is first for God, the abundance flows freely, but if God sees your heart has an issue and could take time from Him, the test of abundance is enevitable.

During the testing of abundance things are scarce and lacking fulness. There comes a seperating of self and faith. Self will try to obtain from your own will but faith is obtaining from God’s will, a very hard process. Faith in God releases the abundance and fulness of all things from God, just not needs.

Living in the abundance of heaven and bringing those things from heaven into the atmosphere of earth, will produce fulness of Kingdom living. Endurance is key to obtaining abundance during the process. It’s not our time of unfolding but God’s. Staying faithful during the process will eliminate issues from our heart to walk in the abundance faithfully.


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On my way to TN, I began meditating on the Lord and His goodness. I began to see the body of Christ, I saw all the vital organs of the body and how the symbolism of the organs pertained to mantles that most of us carry. The mantles operated according to the function of the organs within the body.

I began to notice the organs strained and tired, having difficulty functioning. The limbs of the body depended so much upon the organs the body as a whole could not function properly. The organs over tired and strained so the limbs could not move with momentum.

I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me and say, the limbs have not sought or entered into the same level anointing as the organs and My body is strained. I’m bringing the limbs into alignment with the organs so my body can pick up momentum. It’s the momentum of the corporate anointing that is going to cause the shift upon this earth.

The organs have come so accustom to feeding the limbs that it’s vital the limbs step into the anointing and stop pulling on the organs, the body will shut down. The organs need to stop taking up the slack for the limbs and allow the limbs to pick up momentum. Depending on your position within the body, you need to stop handing all your strenght to the limbs and allow them to function for themselves to be able to pick up momentum and move forward. You have organs trying to force limbs to function like organs and organs trying to function like limbs, this is causing an imbalance. Every limb must walk through every test, trial and temptations as the organs to walk in a certain level of anointing. We are not to handicap or spoil the other.

The functionality of the organs must be at a consistent level so when the limbs pick up momentum the organs are able to sustain the limbs, as in a coporate working and functional body.


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Shifting Seasons

When coming to an end of a particular season there is a period of restlessness that seems to linger for a period of time. This shift rattles our emotions because at times, we cannot see what is happening within the spiritual realm.

Your physical man will not see what your spiritual man is seeing within the spiritual realm because your emotions are tied within the soul. But you will feel uncomfortable as you feel the shift without actually seeing the shift physically, that’s because the shift is supernaturally happening within your spirit.

Wrestling at times is a form of warefare happening within the flesh, when the Lord is pushing you to higher depths within the spirit. Flesh will always battle spirit and the Holy Spirit allows you to engage to become uncomfortable within a finished season. It’s natural to fight the change but it’s supernaturally allowing the spirit of God to lift you. Before the lift there is a pull, this pulling has a tug on your flesh that has become comfortable within your finished season. Any emotion that has refused to line up in your prior season, will be forced to surrender before moving into your new season, causing a wrestling.

During this time, I have experience great pain, suffering and pressure that has pushed me into a place a readiness for change. Once I’m submitted to this change, it will allow the Holy Spirit to introduce me to a new season. Some seasons we are reluctant to elevate in because of the unfamiliar. It’s uncomfortable and within a soulish realm, we fear the warefare within the approaching season. That’s why, when you are ready, the change comes with much power, it’s the power the Holy Spirit gives for you to face the challenges within the next phase.

Every season comes with four seasons of elements as we know them, Winter, Fall, Spring and Summer. There is beauty and war within them all spiritually. Your main cap for the new season will prepare your soil for planting. In planting there comes a springing up and then harvest. The cap is the main purpose for your season. You have to fulfill, conquer and over come the cap or purpose within your new season to see the potential need to lift to another level.

Beware of getting stuck within a changing season, this comes from being to familiar and comfortable within your experience and denying change is needed. You can miss great opportunities and fertile ground from the delay. Allow the Holy Spirit to lift you within the season and allow Him to carry you and set you within your new season. The lift is elevation from revelation within your prior season. You are looking from an elevated spiritual view upon the arriving season. In this experience you have no blinders and see clearly into your next assignment.


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A Place of Obediance

Often times in obediance we began to question certain situations and within our own mixed feelings we allow emotions to dominate our obediance. I began to ponder Phillips obediance to the Holy Spirit in Acts 8. In this scripture, the word teaches the angel of the Lord told Phillip to arise and head south unto Gaza which is desert. As I began studying the deepness of his obediance, it took great faith to leave a city wide revival and head out a hundred miles toward the desert.

Think about this, your amoung a great revival and move of the Holy Spirit and God tells you to go towards a dead and dry land. I wonder how Phillip felt and how he questioned as to why he had to go, how far and why? How many times have we obeyed God and then ended up in a place seeking God on what to do?

I think the key with Phillip was his hearing of the Spirit upon his arrival of a chariot on his journey. Phillip over heard the Ethiopian reading about the prophet Esaias. Then Phillip asked, do you understand what you read? The man responded, how can I, except a man guide me? As they read the scripture of the lamb led to slaughter, the Ethiopian wondered what prophet the scripture spoke, this led to his salvation.

I’m sure everything made sense to Phillip, as to why God called him away from revival to desert. I’ve found in my driest times, God has spoken very clearly. Sometimes we are called away and set aside for great purpose, even if it’s for the one. Phillip preached Jesus to the man, out of obediance, he was at the right place at the right time.

I believe if Phillip was more caught up in his emotions than obediance, it may have cost a soul. There comes a time when we wrestle with God and speak over the Spirit, when we should obey and listen. Many times I’ve sit in silence asking God to speak and my ears to hear. I believe Phillip had to be alert under subjection to the Holy Spirit in order to act upon obediance.

You may obey but do you act upon the obediance. God can bring you to it, but your obediance will bring you through it. Gaza was a town three miles from the sea and the last town on the road into Egypt. It was located at the entrance of the wilderness. Just enough desert to say, ” surely not”

Obediance is not always easy, we never know the price but we do know greatness comes from the answer of obediance. If God told you to go, there is fruit that will spring up. Don’t become weary on the way to the desert, but stay obediant and listen with open ears to recieve instruction. God will not lead you to thirst but will lead you to plenty.


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