BALANCE is the key in your walk with the Lord, you must discern TRUTH and EVIL. You can not be in balance always seeing EVIL, because TRUTH always trumps over it and TRUTH will always set free. In order for a person to be free, you first discern the bondage and then speak the truth. In years of a deliverance ministry, people are set free by the power and blood of Christ Jesus, His ultimate weapon casting out demons is LOVE He has for that person. If you do not love people that are in bondage and desire to see them free, please do not interfere with the deliverance process, bondage cannot cast out bondage and loveless cannot love. Search out the deep, agape love of Jesus and experience His Kingdom here.


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Kingdom Calling Youth 2020

Over the last several months God has drawn my attention to the orphan train movement, the Orphan Train Movement was a supervised welfare program that transported orphaned and homeless children from crowded Eastern cities of the United States to foster homes located largely in rural areas of the Midwest. The orphan trains operated between 1854 and 1929, relocating about 200,000 orphaned, abandoned, abused, or homeless children.

Currently there are only 150 survivors left of this movement and will come full circle in 2029, The number one homeless population is youth in the United States and I do believe it is because of the historical spiritual roots of the orphan train. The youth of today even in their own homes feel the abandonment and disconnect from fathers and mothers.

It will take more than a youth group to savage the youth generation in the 2020’s and spiritually move them from orphan to sons and daughters. We need our generation gap united with the eldership and spiritual inheritance in God. In order for this gap to be closed we will need a Kingdom reset in the culture restoration of the orphan movements the root system is speaking of in the generational heritage of the United States.

In the 2020’s this is the time to move the youth generation from youth groups to intercession warriors by deliverance and repentance of the rebellious nature that has captured our youth and move them into the safety of spiritual leadership of fathers and mothers to help heal and doctor the wounds.

If we do not move now in the 2020’s the orphan train roots will carry on for another decade and maybe centuries. We need action of those called to the youth to allow God to leads us and position us now. You may ask, what is this going to look like? If you can imagine a field full of radical warriors with swords and war drums dressed like John the Baptist, this may be a good start, it is not going to look normal but radical. If you keep your children from the Kingdom reset, you have a good chance of loosing them to the world system and drawn away in an orphan cart headed to somewhere.

Children of Belial

Last week I spent some quality time with the youth of our day in an event called Career Day. The glam of opportunities on show case were exciting for a short period of time. The ideal was to capture the interest of the youth concerning the future. As I stood watching, I began to observe and discern something taking place in the atmosphere. On grounds was the rapping music radio station for the youth to give them some pleasure of hearing music, they have not been able to listen to in a couple of months. I noticed all the glam of army tanks, job opportunities and college did not capture them as we had hoped, instead the youth began to gravitate towards the music and at some point began disruptive and had to be moved on because of the response.
I was very grieved by this and have been praying asking God what is it going to take for this generation to embrace Jesus Christ, King of all Kings. How have we failed the up coming generation that seek wordily things more than Him.
He took me to the scripture in Deuteronomy concerning the Israelites being stopped in their tracks and He waited for a new and braver generation to grow up. Deuteronomy 1:1. I pondering this I began to realize we have not responded to God as He has commanded us. We have been self seekers of the gospel and not freely given the truth and culture to the up coming generation. We lack an appropriate “response ” to God.
We have allow the up coming generation to be children of Belial, meaning individuals who were under the control of Belial and being used to be drawn away from Him to serve other Gods. The word Idol is the Hebrew word ellyt, meaning ‘good for nothing” I have literally heard parents speak this over their children and grandchildren, they will never be good for nothing, we have curse our own generations. Belial means worthlessness and tries to lead people astray to follow something that is worthless.
The picture here is we have allowed Belial to lead our generations to worship something else other than God. The music that spoke true stories of pain and tragedy the kids could relate to more than they could God, WHY?
The picture here is we have allowed Belial to lead our generations to worship something else other than God. The music that spoke true stories of pain and tragedy the kids could relate to more than they could God, WHY? offering them a drink of the living water. God is waiting for this generation to respond to Him, he is waiting to pour out His spirit and turn the hearts back to the fathers and most of all to the heavenly Father.
We must reach deeper than we ever have for the youth of our day. We must savage the ruins, restore the clay and put them on the potters wheel. We must go now with no hesitation, time is running fast.



As a leader we have responsibility of leading others into purpose. We also have the responsibility to correct purpose intended for imprisonment by man rather than God. Purpose is much implemented by Paul in Acts Chapter 27, the scripture references teaches us the gift of revelation and prophecy by heeding to strong council and warning. This passage of scripture also expresses how one can save many from the destruction of MAN purpose of a person or giving a person life with the purpose of God. (Lets Examine)
At this time Paul was a prisoner and placed on a ship called Adramyttium meaning (the court of death) the ship transported prisoners and used them for the attended purpose and voyage of the cargo. In ancient times Adramyttium was noted for a special ointment which was prepared there and also symbolizes one of the intellectual states of consciousness that believed in death and error (court of death) and would aid in destroying the truth in us were such a thin possible. Adramyttium was also a city of Mysia a place the seat of worship of Castor and Pollux.
Once the ship arrived at the city of Lycia the centurion found a ship called Alexandria (defender of men) sailing into Italy. The wind blew softly at the harbor everyone trusted they would arrive safely but Paul perceived the voyage would be with much hurt and damage, not only lading of the ship but also their lives. Nevertheless the centurion believed the master of ship more than the warning given of Paul. The scripture in Acts 27:13 proceeds to tell us that when the south wind blew softly, supposing they had obtained their purpose, losing thence, they sailed. I find this scripture profound that people would take their purpose so loosely by supposing they had obtained it to ignore the gifting of God and heed to wise council or warning. Our lives are not our own, but here on earth to be a vessel unto God, with a PURPOSE.
While the revelation of Paul ignored a tempestuous wind called ” Euroclydon” came upon the ship. Euroclydon is an ancient term for an eastern storm, what moderns call Levanter meaning a person who runs away leaving unpaid debts. Allowing man to drive your purpose not only will lead you into the storms of life and despair but will lead you into unpaid debts to God for disobedience. The storm then brought fear upon the men of the ship, they feared the quicksands and removed the sail. After three days tackling the ship with their own hands and throwing out cargo to save themselves, the scripture tells us all hope they would be saved was taken away.
Purpose of man will cause you to have unnecessary storms of life to the point of losing your hope of all things. God does not intend for our purpose to be driven by fear and loss, God intends for our purpose to be driven by Jesus as leading cause of destiny. Jesus knew his destiny, He only did what the Father asked of Him, however Jesus did ask, is there any other way because of the suffering He knew it would cost.
After a long fast, Paul stood in the mist of them and said, “Sirs you should have LISTENED in Crete and you would have NOT gained this harm and loss. Paul knew what was coming, but yet he fasted and prepared for the answer, just like a father does for his children. The angel of God stood by Paul in the night saying, “Fear not, Paul you must be brought before Caesar and God has given all men on board to sail with you. God the father encouraged Paul your purpose to stand before Caesar will come to pass. Paul at this time was a prisoner so he had to go with them on the ship even though he knew the decision they made would bring hardship. This is what a fathering leader does, he cares and is willing to sail the storm even though he knows you may stray from purpose. A fathering leader also knows you walking the hard road can lead you into submission of obedience.
After the fourteenth night they were coming upon a country but yet again the men became fearful because of the rocks and threw out the anchors to abandon ship, but Paul seeing the danger told them, unless you abide in the ship you cannot be saved. Not one left the ship, they finally began to submit to the process and flow with instruction and not listen to fear. Then the soldiers cut the ropes off the boat and let her sail. Then Paul instructed them to eat after fourteen days and stated, not a hair will fall from your head. Paul then took bread and gave God thanks in the presence of them all.
Then the ship became stuck between the rocks, the lives of soldiers were at stake if the poisoners escaped, but the scripture in Acts 27:43 states the centurion willing to save Paul, kept them from their purpose and allowed them to swim to shore. The purpose of the prisoners by man most likely would have been death for the prisoners but the prophecy of Paul came to pass, Gods word was fulfilled. Scripture is plain to give us guidance concerning leadership and sonship. Obedience and submission is key to purpose, scripture is also plain in showing we have to be taught submission and hearing of the leading of Holy Spirit.

Gift of Revelation- Mind Gift

Word of wisdom is supernatural revelation or insight into the divine will and purpose, showing how to solve any problem that may arise. In this day of time, we must be able to use the gift of revelation with much prayer and not wavering with the Holy Spirit. For we know all revelation comes from God. I wanted to share some scripture references given to explain the operation of this gift, the fist scripture is to look at 1 Kings 3:16-18 when King Solomon resolved the issue of the two mothers bickering over a dead child and a living child. When King Solomon spoke to cut the live child in half, the true heart of the mother was willing to give her child up than to see her child die. Yet the mother that was deceptive would rather see the living baby cut in half because of the deception she had towards the other mother (If my baby is dead, than your baby needs to be dead) out of her response, Solomon knew the true mother. He discerned the true heart of a mother.
Luke 22:10 Jesus used the example in preparation for passover to tell Peter and John to go to the city and they would see a man carrying a water pitcher to follow him and day unto the goodman of the house, the master ask where is the guest-chamber to eat the passover with my disciples? and he shall show you a large upper room furnished to make ready. (you may wonder what is the revelation in this story, the men never carried water pitchers the women did, the men carried wineskins) the most amazing part is Jesus saw this happening before hand.
In John 2:22-24 Jesus did many miracles in Jerusalem but Jesus did not commit himself unto them, WHY? for Jesus knew they were not genuine in faith and character, this is also an example of the gift of knowledge and discerning of spirits (1 Cor 12:4-11)
In Acts, Saul is called upon by Jesus to minister and witness. Delivering Saul from the people (Saul was a murderer of believers) Jesus used Saul and changed his name to Paul to open the eyes of those from darkness to light and from the power of satan unto God that they may receive forgiveness and inheritance among them. He used the persecutor to redeem the lost.
In Acts 27:21-25 Paul perceived the danger of the voyage and they disregarded his warning. (will write more on this tomorrow)
So as we see the function of the gift of revelation in scripture we must understand how to use the gift and how to apply it to our lives daily. I will continue the writing of the danger of not heeding to the gift of revelation and what can happen if we do not listen to the Holy Spirit when uttered within warning.


It has been a while since I have written an article, simply because of changing seasons and times within my own heart. A new season is upon me as in taking my writings deeper into Gods word and birthing Kingdom Culture. My heart has been stirred into the reasoning that my life is much deeper spiritually than what my past and inheritance has left me, so I am on the journey of birthing Kingdom Culture.

My stirring began by something my spiritual father Apostle Don Lynch spoke of in his writings and opening a door of curiosity in finding, birthing and defining Kingdom Culture. There has to be a reset of culture dormancy into changing the environmental conditions of our day and time before we lose our inheritance.

I have found we are more conditioned of trying to relive the past than taking our inheritance and expanding our culture and digging deeper into finding the fullness of our future generations and bringing the Kingdom of God to earth and living above as God has intended for us to live.

We have become blinded in our culture of how we should live according to Gods word and repeating the same sins of our past generations, that we cannot see the magnitude of how God is expecting us to change the culture in which we live. Becoming numb to the pain around us and the potential of those that have a higher calling in this day and time.

I do believe that we are here to father a generation of Kingdom change that will change the atmosphere and culture that we have become accustom or comfortable living. We need to arise from slumber and sleep and step into position. You may wonder how do we get there and where do we start? I believe we must first change our thinking and our hearts towards God and implement obedience into the culture in which we live and walk out our assignments here on this earth.

As I was studying this morning the Holy Spirit began speaking to me and revealing a starting place called redemption, the place it all began. Redemption has two parts, Out and Into. Once we have been redeemed, we receive fire, passion and excitement of being redeemed, but we just cannot seem to function at times above the process of being redeemed. We become complacent, lost in battle and burned out of repeating the same routine of mere Christianity. We begin to get swallowed up by traditions and doctrines of men, that we cannot see or process the kingdom of God. We must reset the redemption process and define coming out of Egypt into Redemption of the furthering  our inheritance and taking ground of our assignments.

The “Out” portion of redemption is the action of saving or being saved from sin, error or evil. It’s the saving being free from sin and the absolution of God’s redemption of his people through Christ Jesus the ultimate sacrifice that saved us from sin, error and evil. This is the starting point and when inheritance is received. At this very moment you have received not only and earthly inheritance of trail blazers of the past but an inheritor of the kingdom of God. Your implementation should be more powerful, more insightful and more kingdom in order to lay your inheritance for the generation before you will require a deeper revelation of the word, all gifts and power in order for the culture to be impacted for change. Stop repeating the past to move into the expected culture you are designed to live.

Then we have the “Into” portion of redemption this is the next process of the “Out” and the action of regaining possession of something in exchange for payment, or clearing a debt. Its retrieval, recovery, reclamation, repossession, return, it’s the MORE of the “Out”. We must have the redemption of the possessions given to us from the cross. Taking on the inheritance and kingdom mindset of Christ Jesus. We are given an exchange a cashing in of conversion of the blood of Jesus and the redemption of credit vouchers of great exploits of the kingdom of God to implement into this world.

Of course we have a fulfillment, a carrying out, discharge, performing and honoring the redemption process of His obligations. We have an assignment of kingdom duties and a decree of orders from the King of Kings. We must move into Kingdom as spoken in Colossians 1:13 Who has delivered us from the power of darkness, and has translated us into kingdom of his dear son.

So lets start here in changing the culture, lets appreciate the foundation laid before us, not to change the foundation but grasp and enhance our future based upon the foundation that is already laid. We spend more time trying to change something than enhancing, Jesus does not need to be changed, He only wants us to have a mind-set of kingdom and bring those things that are heavenly into the earthly realm. Culture change starts with the body of Christ mind set,  of who we are and the implementation of kingdom culture into the world we now live and sealing the broken foundations laid by man and building a solid wall around the foundations in Christ.


Kingdom Culture


Because Rachel’s bitterness and unforgivness towards Leah, it caused her to be barren in mind, spirit and the womb. Rachel had to suffer while Leah bared fruit producing seven children, seven representing spiriutal completeness.  Before Rachel was able to produce one piece of fruit (Joseph), which was her heart desire. Why must we let or feelings or emotions take root toward another and suffer while they are producing? While you sit around being bitter concerning everyone’s blooming season, your missing imperative moments of preperation. 

There has been times, I said “God, I don’t understand why everyone else is having  production in their moment and I’m stuck in all this shifting, closed doors and silence” He gently responded, for your production, takes much preperation and this season will pass. So, don’t get caught up in Rachels bitterness to miss the preperation it takes to produced a Joseph. 
Every child of God that is able to grasp the importance of their assignment and seek diligently to prepare, will produce a harvest. The harvest assignment to your life, might not be the masses, but even Jesus left the ninety nine for the one. If you spend your entire ministry to produce one Joseph, you engaged in a mothering or fathering season, that governed a whole nation. God will not allow you to govern Eygypt if you have not suffered the test, but He will allow you to mother or father in the palace to raise a great leader. Stay focused on your assignment and don’t be bitter of someone producing fruit.


The days we live in, evil comes in many forms. The sheep look harmless, so sweet and gentle but on the inside, the wolf is raging to be let loose. As the Lord began leading to be silent, watchful and listen to hearts of men. I began to read and study social media and how an ultimate war was happening in front of me. I saw post casting suspicion on the body of Christ and basically leading God’speople astray from the word of truth. After several days of returning to read a continuing thought process of ministers, I began to realized, God’s people are being bewitched. 

The Lord then lead me to seek out scripture concerning Simon the sorcerer and the spirit that operated within him. In Acts chapter eight the word of God begans to break down the emotions of Simon and how he physically and spiritually wanted to be God. The is nothing new within the spiritual discernment of many belivers because satan tried the same tactic with God himself. 

In acts 8:9 the scripture tells us about a certain man called Simon, which before-time in the same city used sorcery and bewitched the people of Samaria, giving out that himself was some great one. I want us to examine Simon’s history before moving into his heart. Acient ecclesiastical writers say that Simon claimed he was the Father who gave the law to Moses; that he came in the reign of Tiberias in the person as the Son; and he descended upon the disciples at Pentecost in flames of fire; that he was the Messiah, the Paraclete, and Jupiter; and that the woman who accompied him called Helena was Minerva, or the first intelligence. 

Simon was ultimately convience he was far more spiritual than anyone else and everyone needs to focus upon him. I have seen this same spirit fill platforms, churches and media streams. Simon dwelled among Paphos, the capital of Cyprus the temple of Venus, the “Queen of Paphos.” He was known as a Jew and false prophet Barjesus, the son of one named Jesus or Joshua who claimed a divine call; a fortune teller. Who had much favor with the deputy of the country, Sergius Paulus, a prudent man who called upon Barnabas and Saul desiring to hear the word of God. Simon ran with high authority & those in high positions. 

Simon used his influence rather of darkness to bewitch the people claiming he was some great one, influencing the people to look at him that he is the great power of God. He wanted to be looked upon as powerful, anointed and the power of God came from him.  

Simon had followers bewitched by his power and influence. Sorcery comes from the acient magical arts (Luke 12:29) it means to be of a doubtful mind, in the Greek means, meteorize: to raise in mid-air, suspend, fluctuate, be anxious, or be carried about as meteors moved about with the current, tossed up and down between hope & fear. 

People that are bewitched follow man and do not seek God out for themselves. I am not saying we should not have leaders or mentors, what I am saying are those that seek power from God and will looked to anyone to get it. This is exactly what Simon attempted to accomplish. 

You will see this socery working in all kinds of religious churches. They are full of hype, with no true worship, wanting people to look how holy they are. They are without the whole word of God and come to get thier bewitching on special services. They lay untrained, fat in doctrine, and paying the offering dues. Meanwhile having no clue how to spread the gospel, feed the poor or step into the calling of God, they are bewitched. 

The scriptures teach us of how this sorcery is broken in Acts 8:12, when Phillip came preaching the kingdom of God and Jesus Christ, the entire gospel. Philip actually broke off the bewitched darkness off the people. Its because when Philip preached the kingdom and the name of Jesus Christ, they believed and the veils of sorcery were broken. 

Not only did the people repent but Simon also believed and was baptized, and continued with Philip and wondered, beholding the miracles and signs which were done. (Acts 8:13) We need to examine “wondered” in this set of scripture that gives us insight of the heart of Simon. Wondered in Strongs means existemi, meaning to be astonished, bewitched or wonder. To throw out of position, displace, to be out of ones mind, beside oneself or insane. Even though Simon believed, he still had a heart issue regarding power. He wanted to obtain or have power over something that was not his. We can be filled with the power of the Holy Ghost but the power belongs to the Father. We are not to display the power of God as we are God, but are to bring God’s glory to his name. 

Acts 8:14-23 proceeds to teach us that Simon wanted to buy the Holy Ghost, he wanted to purchase the power to bewitch the people to look at him, he had major pride issues. Peter then rebukes Simon and told him your heart is not right in the sight of God, you cannot purchase God with fame, fortune or money. Peter then called his heart issue wickedness and perceived Simon was in gall of bitterness. Acts 20-23

Peter did not indicate Simon was past hope, but he must repent to be free from the wickedness of wanting to buy the Spirit for personal gain.We as the people of God have to keep our souls from being bewithched or being the sorcerer. Being in tuned with the spirit of God to manifest His Glory and nothing of ourselves. 

Simon then asking Peter, please pray to the Lord that these things you have spoken do not come upon me. His heart check was reality at this moment. God’s power belongs to Him and we are only partakers and co-labors of the Kingdom of God, it’s time to use discernment only obeying the Holy spirit and wearing the belt of Truth. 

God’s Measuring Stick

​Sometimes we just dont know how to handle certain actions of others, especially when people get hurt or wounded. In Romans 2, the scripture teaches God’s judgment just because man’s impenitence deserves it. 

Romans teaches that the goodness of God leads to repentance. Most offenses come because God wants us to have a better reaction than the deed that was done unto us. To have the mercy and love extended to the one that hurts us. 

Why should we want anyone to carry around condemnation? Why would we want anyone to perish? Could it be we have forgotten our own injustifications, sins and deeds? Have we honestly rose up to a standard that we expect everyone else to rise up? God’s measuring stick does not measure the same! That’s right, but it does have a sliding scale. When you have been forgiven much, MUCH is reaquired. You had to rise up on God’s measuring stick according to His standards. We all will have to rise to the top of it, so don’t forget all the inches you have climbed. Don’t expect a baby to eat steak, and the steak eater to continue gargling milk. 

God’s measuring is wisdom of knowing what level someone resides and the level they need to arise. In the meantime, love them through, help them make right decisions, be that father or mother spiritually  you need to be, that in your lifetime, someone calls you father.

God’s Voice Chopped Off?

I have been studying in the book of Mathew, Jesus had just testified of the greatness of John the Baptist. Jesus also spoke of denouncing unbelief and taught on personal discipleship. He had explained the secret of rest and healed multitudes, the blind and dumb, but yet he was taunted by the religious crowd.

Jesus pushed through the religious mob and taught on the parables of the sower, the wheat and tares, parables of the mustard seed and the leaven. He astounded  the minds of followers by the mystery of the hidden treasure, pearl of great price and the drag-net in the sea.

Then something happened, tragedy had hit home and the ministry of Jesus. The disciples came to tell Jesus that John the Baptist had just been beheaded by the daughter of Herodias. Herod was mesmerized by her seducing twirls and body movements as she danced before him, but deep within her heart was the horrifying realization of the chopped off head of John the Baptist.

In reading of the dance, in my mind I could see many in the world today, being seduced by lust and things of this world wanting to take the head off of the very shoulders of the church. The devil wanting to shut the mouths of the prophets and muffle the voice of Jesus and God the Father from speaking.

Suddenly my attention was on how Jesus responded to the opposition and tragedy. The bible says Jesus departed from the people by ship and went to a desert place apart. I began to think about this scripture and look at it spiritually; If Jesus was in a desert how could he depart in a ship? I believe spiritually Jesus left a place of thriving ministry and placed in a spiritual dryness  to process what had just happened. After all he was made flesh, so He dealt with all the emotions of man.

I actually believe Jesus was talking to the Father of how He just testified of the greatness of John the Baptist to the people and how John’s task of “Making the way” had been chopped off and put in a charger. Jesus had to clear his thoughts, process what had just taken place and I believe had to pray to the Father concerning his next move.

Then I was astounded of what Jesus did, after much time in the desert place, the bible says “Jesus went forth”  and “SAW” a great multitude” and was moved with compassion” (Mathew 14:14) When Jesus SAW them, He saw hundreds with faces of concern, worry and fear. Jesus had just seen the lives of those that had no hope and whose ears had just been filled with the terror of the very word of John the Baptist being beheaded. During His time with the Father and the time of the massive blow to His ministry, “COMPASSION” moved Him to do some of the greatest miracles ever recorded, He feed the five thousand, and even walked on the water.

What I believe the Holy Spirit is speaking, “Even though tragedy has hit your life and ministry, move forward and SEE the multitudes and have COMPASSION as Jesus did and move toward the crowd and see some of the greatest miracles in your life and ministry. Your greatest days are just ahead and we cannot quit, we must MOVE FORWARD, towards GREATNESS. It took tragedy for Jesus to MOVE FORWARD and He had to SEE with His spiritual and physical eyes and He had to over come His emotions and be moved with Compassion.


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Wheat or Tares

As you can see from this picture, there is a marked difference. The tare on the left is light and lacks substance but the wheat on the right is heavy and bears fruit (grain). There are tiny black seeds inside the tares and if you eat it,  can cause dizziness and nausea. Also notice that the tare stands straight up and proud while the wheat bends from the weight of the fruit in humility. Talk about the perfect physical and spiritual contrast between the wheat and the tare. One gives life, the other kills. Those in Christ have life, and the other death.

Matt. 13:38-30 “The servants asked him, ‘Do you want us to go and pull them up’ ”’No,’ he answered, ‘because while you are pulling the weeds, you may root up the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest.”

This is because they both share the same root. Even if you grabbed the tare, you will also pull up the wheat. And so the farmer is to wait until the harvest to pull them up and separate them and so shall it be for us.

You are either WHEAT or a TARE, you cannot be both. In the church we compromise the gospel and do not want to talk about SIN. Going to church does not make your sin right, but God’s Grace can make us clean.


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